Repowering vale la pena – Herramientas en línea para calcular

More space more Revenue

In Past ASI and CdTe Modules have been replaced by crystalline Modules, do you get more Space for more Power:

Squaremeter to Watt to kWh to EUR Calculator

Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) of force in Watts (W) Calculator and calculation formula.
First select your photovoltaic modules and the suns full load in hours and press the Calculate button:

Enter the area in square meters: sqm
The monetary remuneration or saving in cents: Cent
Enter the solar radiation in watts per m²: Watt
Enter photovoltaic technology:
Possible power in watts: Watt
Full load time in hours per year: hr
Energy result in kilowatt hours: kWh
Money result in EUR: EUR

PV Module Degration calculator(old Technologies can degrade up to >1% per year)

Enter the initial value x0,
growth rate r and time interval t and press the = button:

Enter initial value (x0):  
Enter growth/decay rate (r): %
Enter time (t):  
Value at time t (x(t)):  

Growth or Degradation per year:

New Orientation and Tracking pays off

Changing shape of solar power: How tracking technology killed the solar bell curve

Second Life Second Use PV instead of Recycling is a ecologic Alternaltive

Investment Rate of Return RoR Calulator Simple ROI Calculator

Simple ROI Calculator:
Investment - Payment: EURO
Payout Payback Outcome: EURO
Years Years
Supposed yearly Revenue EURO
Sum of all Payments EURO
realtive yearly yield %
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