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Do you know how much money you can lose per year, if you do not clean your solar system on a regular basis? Cleaning plants brings cash Soiling Calulator Plant Size Feed In Tarif FIT Specific Yield Your annual Income Your degree of pollution Pollution of your plant can take you up tolose per year::

Juego fotovoltaico – Win Módulo Solar

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Evento: Madrid Parity 14 marzo

Parity /ˈparɪti/ n. : the quality or state of being equal or equivalent. White Paper CONNECTING THE RIGHT PLAYERS ON THE VERGE OF A SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION   PROGRAM OUTLINE The sun shines on Spain, without subsidies: State of the Market Wholesale electricity prices projections in Spain Auctions as the solar catalyzer Greenfield development Financing of

pv magazine webinar: Optimizar el rendimiento con módulos bifaciales combinados con seguidores

En este próximo seminario web de pv magazine, JinkoSolar presentará cómo se pueden utilizar los módulos bifaciales en grandes plantas solares, y analizará los factores que influyen en los sistemas de seguimiento para paneles bifaciales. Sin mucho esfuerzo, copia texto(seminario web) con este software ocr.   Reconocer texto de una imagen(screenshot: Alt +Print)